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ARD2F Smart Motor Protector

● Measurement functions are divided into basic measurement (current parameter) and co-selection measurement (voltage, power, phase sequence, residual current (leakage current);

● Start timeout, overload, stall, block, underload, phase failure, unbalance, residual current (ground/leakage), temperature, external fault, phase sequence, overvoltage, undervoltage, underpower, overpower, tE time Motor comprehensive protection function;

● 9-channels DI passive dry node input, signal power supply with built-in DC24V power supply;

● 5-channels DO output, which can meet the direct start, star-delta start, autotransformer start, soft start and other starting modes. Real-time remote control "start/stop" operation of the remote master station can be realized through the communication bus;

● It has standard RS485 communication interface and adopts Modbus-RTU and Profibus-DP communication protocol to ensure fast and reliable communication of the host computer;

● It has a DC4-20mA analog output interface and is directly connected to the DCS system to monitor the field devices.


  • Communication

    RS485 (Modbus-RTU)

  • Display

    LCD display for U, I, P, Q etc

  • Rated U and I

    AC380/660V, rated current up to 800A





U, I: Class 1.5



Range: 45-65Hz


Auxiliary power supply



SOE event recorder

Record 8 fault messages




1. Main body: DIN 35mm
2. Display unit: Panel mounted




Typical connection


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